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What is Makeup ?
What’s Makeup ? Generally speaking, what is makeup ? It is a credit card applicatoin that enables changes in the appearance of anyone with various cosmetic products and closes the flaws that he desires to hide. The main intent behind women’s makeup is always to emphasize beauty and attractiveness.

Today, makeup application is not just a habit that women cannot give up. Men who wish to be well-groomed also resort to small make-up techniques. Additionally, different makeup techniques are placed on actors in movies, theaters and other stage plays.

What are the Forms of Makeup ?
Types of Make-Up We could divide the make-up into two main categories, such as for example daily and night make-up, but also for me it is not quite to restrict and classify it within certain limits. Because makeup changes based on once the woman wants her soul, what mood she is in and what emotions she wants to think on her face.

A neglected woman with her eyes open each day can spend your day with a really dark eye makeup , or a woman who should go to any invitation or wedding through the night could make a light makeup in very light tones. If we speak about makeup types in general terms;

Daily – Natural Makeup
In lifestyle, people generally want to look natural and well-kept. It is sufficient to add an outfit that suits the style of the individual and a gentle make-up to well-groomed hair. In daily makeup , a moisturizer suited to skin type is applied, and foundation is placed on the extent that it will cover your skin defects. On the inspiration, powder is applied with light touches to cover the brightness of the skin. BB creams, which are lighter and more practical than foundation, have become indispensable for women in recent years.

If you should be using concealer or illuminator for your custody, try to get this done without overdoing it. Don’t apply eyeshadow in any color to your eyes. Instead, apply the powder you have applied to your skin along with your sponge 1-2 times over your eyes. Since the powder you apply is in exactly the same tone as your skin color, it will provide you with an all natural look by providing the air that’s not been processed.

Then, you can complete your makeup with a mascara that has been applied in ways that does not have many layers and a mild lipstick. In the blush part, experts recommend peach shades especially throughout the day. Blushes in peach tone, which goes to numerous skin aside from brunettes, white skin and brown hairs, give you a truly natural look.

Night Makeup
In night makeup , the aim is by using the colors which can be remarkably opposite to the daytime makeup. In the nights such as for instance weddings, engagements, invitations, special meals, women wish to be most importantly attention and be amazed. In this regard, dark and remarkable colors can be used as desired without any restrictions.

The first step in night makeup is to start through the use of a lotion like every makeup. Then apply the foundation to the entire skin, including your décolleté, employing a brush. You are able to apply concealers useful for illumination to your detention and nose edges. As an eyeshadow, you can first apply light shades of gray, pink or skin, and you possibly can make dark shadows in your dress tones.

You are able to apply darker eyeshadow to your lower lashes and spread them in a slim line to produce your eyes look bigger. Eyeliner is a must for night makeup , you can pull it only a little longer and curved to own more impressive looks. Mascara should become more intense in contrast to daytime makeup , preferably you can use false eyelashes. If you have sparse or light brows, you should use eyebrow pencils that have been popular in recent years.

Experts define the best blush application method as follows; It must be applied with 2 fingers from the nose and 2 fingers from the lips. In the event that you apply your blush with this technique, your cheekbones will be prominently ideal.

You should definitely apply lip liner ahead of the lipstick, so you will stop the lipstick from spreading. The color of the lipstick should obviously be red or burgundy. Finally, you are able to apply bright make-up to your eyes and beneath the eyebrows, and you can complete your makeup for the night.

We can also take contour makeup , which has become popular recently and the frequency of use increases day by day, to the night makeup class. Because in this style, that will be used to alter the contours of the face area, it can be referred to as definately not natural makeup , in terms of both the length of the preparation phase and the weight it provides to skin, since it is applied to skin with layers of concealer.

History of Makeup
History of MakeupAesthetics and beauty curiosity has been a continuous situation since the existence of humanity. Archaeological research shows that the real history of make-up dates back tens and thousands of years before Christ. These researches prepared the color pigments of men and women living in that period, and added chemical substances with the addition of oily substances.

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